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What is

The Balanced Diet Plan?

Dt. Shamika Desai’s Personalized Diet plan features dozens of small ideas and easy-to-adapt diet modifications, all designed especially to help you kick start your life, lose or gain weight, and get hold of your health, starting today!
When we talk about weigh loss it's always the amount of food you eat to the amount you burn. Its important to maintain the balance to reach your targets and to achieve a successful weight loss.
Weight loss journey begins when you reduce the calories you consume & simultaneously burn the calories to reduce the extra kilos. 
In the food variety there are many super-foods. But there is no just a  single food that will help you to reach your targets. A balance in what you eat is Important.Now what is Balance its just the right amount of Macro Nutrients ( Carbohydrate, proteins, fats ) with a combination of macro-nutrients ( Electrolytes, Vitamins and Minerals )
There are various factors that goes in a diet plan, a person gender, family history , his/ her lifestyle. A diet plan also depends on the where your origin is , vegetarian or non veterinarian meals you consume and if an individual have any health issues.
Actually its not just planning diet but a Therapy to lead a healthy lifestyle to be fit and enjoy till fullest. 
A Perfect Balanced Diet plan

To be healthy you need to modify few habits which will help you stay fit and active. 

  • Have minimum 5-6 meals a day. 

  • Avoid large meals. Have small snacks which are thermogenic in nature eg. Protein snacks. To avoid issues like  acidity , bloating. Quit Junk foods, instead make your snacks  tasty and delicious by choosing right food in right quantity.

  • Have Light dinners and early dinners.

  • Hydrate yourself more. Include good water intake to keep your muscle hydrated, this will aid weight loss. Can even increase your water consumption by flavouring the water with lemon , mint leaves or fennel seeds. There various detox drinks which will help you to keep charged up. 

  • Include good quantity of Fiber in diet. Minimum 15 gms of fiber should be added in the plan to have better bowel movement and achieve your weight loss target.

  • For a very well balanced Indian diet massive changes to your regular diet or sacrificing your food habits are not needed. Just tweaking your regular diet with some creative ideas will help you in achieving your goal.

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