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Weight Loss Recipes (One Meal Dishes)

Green Salad with Paneer


Broccoli/ Spinach  100 GM's

Corns 50 GM's

Paneer 100 GM's

Tomato 50 GM's

Beet 50 GM's

Cabbage 50 GM's

Pressure cook Channa/ Rajma / Moong 50 gm each

Capsicum 50 GM's

Dressing Lemon Juice 2 tbsp , Chaat masala 1/4 TSP


Chop all the vegetables

Method add all the ingredients in Wok.

Mix it

Add dressing and mix.


Tofu with Vegetable


100 GM's Tofu / Paneer

Tomato 50 GM's chopped in big cubes

Bell pepper chopped in big cubes

Broccoli 100 GM's florates.

Carrot 50 GM's copped fine


In a pan add 1 tbsp Oil

Add turmeric spices ( garam masala 1/4 tsp )  , chilli powder 1/4 TSP , curry leaves 10 no.

Add toffu / paneer tossed

Add Vegetable stir fry it.

Cover the pan

And serve hot


Quinoa Moong Khichdi


Soak Quinoa and Moong for 30-60 min

Boil peas , boil corns

Pumpkin 100 GM's , Ivy Gourds 100 GM's , beans 100 GM's , Carrot 100 GM's Tomato 100 gms


Chop all vegetables

Toss it Cover with lid for 15 min allow to cook

Serve hot.


Mushroom Broccoli Bhurji


Mushroom 50 GM's

Spring onions 100 gm

Bell pepper ( Red/ yellow/ Green ) 50 gm each

Tomato chopped 50 gm

Broccoli grated 100 gm

Cauliflower grated 100 gm

Paneer 100 gm grated

Aamchur 1/4 TSP

Salt 1/4 tap

Black pepper 1/4 TSP


In a pan add chopped Ginger , garlic and stir fry it

Add Spring onions , bell pepper ( Orange/ Red / Capsicum) chopped

Add grated Broccoli and grated Cauliflower

Add chopped tomato .

Add grated paneer

Put black pepper and aamchur powder stir fry.


Saute Vegetable ( 4 people)


Broccoli 200 gm

spinach 150 gm

Corn 50 GM's

Bell pepper all colors (50 gm) 150 GM's

Beans 50 GM's

Peas 25 GM's

Carrot 50 GM's

Tomato 50 GM's

Paneer 100 GM's / Mushroom 50 GM's 

Olive oil 1 tbsp

Oregano / Pizza herbs 1 tbsp

Oil 1 TSP


Cut all the vegetables in cubes

Put oil in pan now add  garlic and ginger add the vegetable and Mushroom / Paneer  and stir fry it

add pizza herbs or Oregano , salt and pepper.

If you wish to have chicken add Chicken 300 GM's

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